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Alexa Young, CA

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Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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Treat your scalp to a luxurious experience

Raki is your leading HAIR + SCALP THERAPIST. She specializes in natural hair care: curating customized and personalized treatments and regimens.

Premium Hair
Care Services

Meet Raki


My name is Rakiah, Raki (Rocky) for short.

I am a Hair and Scalp Therapist. I have been operating in this industry for 20+ years now.

As a cosmetologist, my #1 priority is keeping the hair on the head, #2 is assisting my clients in the process of looking beautiful, and #3 is assisting in the process of feeling good.

As a certified trichologist, I learned in depth information about the connection between the hair and body, and how the hair is affected by different things that happen in the body as it pertains to illness, nutrition, and mental health. Beauty services are luxury services and my clients feel it in the environment, in my voice, and most certainly in my hands.

My motto is "HEAL. NURTURE. EDUCATE.", and this is exactly what I do!


Cathy Reed

"I always go to Raki for my haircut! ❤ Raki has a warm and beautiful personality as well and l always get compliments!" 😊

Jessenia Merritt

"She truly cares about hair, and her clients, she takes her time. Every time I come, [I am] never disappointed. Ms. Raki is absolutely awesome."


"Raki is a gem. She cares and she takes her time when it comes to taking care of her clients."
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