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Thank you for visiting our website! We look forward to meeting you and giving you the absolute best in quality hair care, scalp care, and customer service!

With Love,




Raki Loves Hair (RLH) is a full service studio salon that caters to the hair and scalp care needs of all individuals.

RLH is a health centered facility: HEAL. NURTURE. EDUCATE. That's our motto.

  • HEAL hair shaft and scalp disorders

  • NURTURE hair and scalp back to health and maintain healthy scalp environment

  • EDUCATE clients about their own hair and scalp and what to do at home to keep their hair and scalp thriving 

Obtaining optimum health for your hair AND scalp is our #1 priority.  We do this by encouraging honest communication, regular salon visits, and developing customized treatments.  Each client is unique and there is a customized regiment and routine established for each.

We believe that the relationship between the client and the professional is a partnership built upon: communication, honesty and mutual respect.

To get the best out of your RLH experience we ask that you relax, be open and honest about your hair history, wants and needs, and allow us to learn more about your hair and scalp together!

*Please familiarize yourself with the Terms of Engagement listed below.

Terms of Engagement

New Client Policy

Prep Policy:
How should I prepare for my appt with Raki?

All new clients must book the New Consult service (See booking page for current rate)

Come detangled well or book a detangle or removal service along with your primary service to avoid a possible cancellation fee. There is a starting Rate of $35/ half hr for detangling and $50/ half hr for previous style removal, if needed. Price depends on factors listed below in PRICING POLICY.

Pricing Policy

Cancelation Policy

Prices are based and may increase (for ANY SERVICE) depending on factors like: desired twist/ braid size, pattern, length and fullness of hair, and how long the service takes.

Must give Raki a 24 hour notice (48 hours for Priority Reservations) via text or email.

Late Policy



Late Cancelation Policy

There is a 15 - 30 min grace period 

No-Shows incur a fee of 50% of the base price of services booked

Late Cancellations incur a fee of 25% of the base price of services booked

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